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  • One of my dear friends and a regular attendee, Kellie Fonseca, is shouldering the shame of a marriage in shambles alone. Her estranged husband of 20+ years has turned to sins of drug use and adultery. I fear that Kellie doesn't get the support and love of her community that she needs. Please, send her your love, aloha, and prayers to help her through this time. God Bless, Kellie! You deserve to be happy and feel God's love in this time. Please let us know how we can help.
    Elizabeth Webber - Aug 29 2015
  • June 06, 2015 Rossen Kirilov 29, rue d’Oetrange, L-5333 Moutfort Luxembourg EUROPE RE: Urgent prayer request Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am writing this letter to you in order to request a special, and if possible – continuous, prayer on my behalf and my family, because we are facing disaster. My name is Ross Kirilov, 44 years of age and I am originally from Bulgaria, currently living in Luxembourg. I underwent many years of psychological harassment at work and I am currently in a very bad psychological condition, severe depression, desperation, hopelessness and deadlock. I have been thinking of suicide recently. I feel surrounded by darkness all around me… I have been on strong anti-depressants and strong sleeping medication for many years, which I want to get rid of, but I find it impossible. My family is on the verge of disintegration. I have an 8-year old daughter, a 36-year old wife and a 73-year old widowed mother, who are suffering along with me the grave consequences of my condition. I would kindly like to request that your church, the pastor and the elders gather together and the whole assembly or congregation say “Amen” to your prayer for us. Please, pray to God that if I die, I be found in Christ and that until I live, and if I live, I be determined to know nothing else but Christ crucified and that Christ replaces the darkness in and around me entirely with His saving Faith, Hope, Light, Knowledge and the effectual regeneration and saving grace of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so very much in advance, Fraternal greetings, Ross Kirilov
    Rossen Kirilov - Jun 06 2015
  • Please pray for the people of Nepal as they need prayer and comfort after the earthquake
    Luke Avery - May 01 2015