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2013-04-26 The War with the Lamb Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2013-04-19 Nobody Cares About Me Ezra Mahaulu Play
2012-06-08 Living With an Attitude of Expectancy Pastor Luis Camps Play
2012-06-01 The Gospel Peace Taj Pacleb Play
2012-05-18 Growing Faith Simeon Spruell Play
2012-05-11 Life by the Spirit Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2012-05-04 Our Father Norman Reitz Play
2012-04-27 Mamertine Prison Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2012-04-20 Fight the Good Fight Adrian Ferro Play
2012-04-13 GLOW: Healing the Nations Westly White Play
2012-04-06 Stunning Silence Michele Seibel Play
2012-03-23 His Enabling Power Benjamin Abogado Play
2011-12-09 Thanks Be Unto God for His Indescribable Gift Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-12-02 Proof of Existence of God From the Human Hand Norman Reitz Play
2011-11-25 Your Appreciation Play
2011-11-18 Lazarus Come Forth Alex Wong Play
2011-10-28 Surrender - Drudgery or Delight? Tom Waters Play
2011-10-21 Forgive Me Marshall Freitas Play
2011-10-14 Four Life-Changing Prayer Principles Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-09-30 Smokejumpers Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-09-09 The Love of Money, Power, and Control, Part III Chett Maruyama Play
2011-08-05 He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear! Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-07-29 Are You Serious? Bill Church Play
2011-07-08 Time for War Charles Lawson Play
2011-07-01 Believe Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2011-06-24 The Last Will of Jesus Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-06-17 The Love of Money, Power, and Control, Part II Chett Maruyama Play
2011-06-10 Your Insecurity and Jesus Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-06-03 Whose Disciple Am I? Elder John Siregar Play
2011-05-27 Will the Real Sinner Stand Up? Norman Reitz Play
2011-05-20 The God of the Second Time! Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-05-13 Will You Put This On? Elder Bryan Lum Play
2011-04-29 Passed Over Bill Church Play
2011-04-22 Endeavoring to Keep the Unity Kevin Reiswig Play
2011-04-15 Many Roads to Rome, but Only One Way to the Promised Land Elder John Siregar Play
2011-04-08 Is the Power On Aaron Wilson Play
2011-04-01 First Commandment of God Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-03-25 The Love of Money, Power, and Control Chett Maruyama Play
2011-03-18 There for a Reason Talau Aumua Play
2011-03-11 Jesus, Advocate of Children Feryl Harris Play
2011-03-04 Who Are We, and Where Are We Going? Elder John Siregar Play
2011-02-25 The Closet, the Living Room & the Church Enrique Martinez Play
2011-02-18 What Kind of Men God is Looking For Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-02-11 The Most Amazing Man Josh Roof Play
2011-02-04 First Things First Mark Finley Play
2011-01-28 Got Integrity? Kevin Reiswig Play
2011-01-21 Mother and Child Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2011-01-14 What is My Purpose? Aaron Wilson Play
2011-01-07 Little in the Hands of Jesus Becomes Much Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-12-31 How to Have Overcoming Faith: Romans Chapter 4 Gabe Arruda Play
2010-12-24 I Wanna Go Home Josh Roof Play
2010-12-17 What Was the Most Important Sermon Jesus Ever Preached Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-12-10 Am I Prepared for the Close of Probation John Siregar Play
2010-12-03 What Does It Take to Graduate Gabe Arruda Play
2010-11-26 Please Give Thanks To The LORD, For He Is Good! Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-11-19 Health Today the Ancient Way Donald Miller Play
2010-11-12 Who Will Drink the Cup Kevin Reiswig Play
2010-11-05 Sleep Walking Gabe Arruda Play
2010-10-29 My Heart Awakes Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-10-22 How to be a Peacemaker Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-10-15 Capturing Life's Memories Adonis Cristobal Play
2010-10-08 My Testimony Gabe Arruda Play
2010-10-01 Test of a Real Believer Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-09-24 Joyful Christians Josh Roof Play
2010-09-17 GO Archie Daco Play
2010-09-10 Ye Are My Friends Aaron Wilson Play
2010-09-03 What God Can Do Through You Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-08-20 Gotta Tell Someone Adrian Ferro Play
2010-08-13 Helping People in the Steps of Jesus Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-08-06 Family Michael Andres Play
2010-07-30 Where Are You? Josh Roof Play
2010-07-23 He Leadeth Me Elder Bryan Lum Play
2010-07-16 Clean Hands and Pure Heart Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-07-09 Concrete Faith Kevin Reiswig Play
2010-07-02 Fruit and Body of Christ Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-06-25 Look & Live Adonis Cristobal Play
2010-06-18 Let's Get Connected Pastor Vassili Khrapov Play
2010-06-11 Seeking the Lost Colporteur Program Play
2010-06-04 He Leadeth Me Elder Bryan Lum Play
2010-05-28 Relationship - Taking Responsibility Chett Maruyama Play
2010-05-21 A Rest From Our Works Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-05-14 Lovers of Self Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-05-07 Getting a Good Deal Josh Roof Play
2010-04-30 Exhorting One Another Pastor Dave Westbrook Play
2010-04-16 Happy, Happy Home Kevin Reiswig Play
2010-04-09 The Impending Conflict Pastor Ralph S. Watts III Play
2010-04-02 The High Stakes of Love Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-03-26 The Power of Love Paster Keala Thompson Play
2010-03-19 Live Your Life for God Samiu Moala Play
2010-03-12 Seeing God's Thoughts and Feelings Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-03-05 Are You Ready? Joe Hovanski Play
2010-02-26 To See Him As He Is Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-02-19 Now is the Time Fernando Martinez Play
2010-02-12 Rest Because It is Without Hands Giancarlo Miranda Play
2010-02-05 Sin's Distorted Picture Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-01-29 If Only, Chapter 1 Lionel Meyer Play
2010-01-22 God's Last Chance for Love! Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-01-15 Transformed by the Holy Spirit Rowell Villarin Play
2010-01-08 The Priesthood of All Believers Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2010-01-05 And in Their Mouth Was Found No Guile Giancarlo Miranda Play
2009-12-25 How to Avoid Distractions Kevin Reiswig Play
2009-12-18 Bee a Sweet Christian Josh Roof Play
2009-12-11 It Is Time Enrique Martinez Play
2009-12-04 Evolution's Picture of God Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-11-27 The Man With 190 Names Norman Reitz Play
2009-11-20 But Deliver Us From Evil Expectations Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-11-13 Righteous Relationship - Oneness, Part Two Chett Maruyama Play
2009-11-06 Bound Together or Torn Asunder Michael Andres Play
2009-10-30 The Law & the Prophets Giancarlo Miranda Play
2009-10-23 A Double Allegience Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-10-16 The Gospel in Babylon Clayton Hanchett Play
2009-10-09 There Can Only Be One Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-10-02 Experience the Power of God Rowell Villarin Play
2009-09-25 Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?!? Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-09-18 Love Unto the End Giancarlo Miranda Play
2009-09-11 Come Out of Her, MY People Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-09-04 Righteous Relationship - Oneness, Part One Chett Maruyama Play
2009-08-21 Practicing What We Preach Arnie Suntag Play
2009-08-14 Babylon: The Grand Center of Education Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-08-07 Jesus Friend of Sinners Kevin Reiswig Play
2009-07-31 The Forces Behind Babylon Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2009-07-24 Here am I; send me Colporteur Ministry Play